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" Monkey "  (Work In Progress - 2020)
Director: Mohammadreza Hosseinian - Mahdi Zia-Chamani
Producer: Nasser Zamiri<
Writer: Mahdi Zia-Chamani

Director of Photography: Ali AzimZadeh
Edit: Pooyan Sholevar
Costume Designer: Golara Ghofrani
Production Company: ZEDarte Film Company
International Distributor: Mahdieh Toussi

Genre:  Feature film / Experimental - psychology
Format: 4K
Runtime: 75 min
Country: Iran
Language: Persian
Color: Color
Filming Locations: Iran

Bahador reviews his past during six chapters, in a empty and white enviroment. In the first five chapters, we watch some unconventional short sections of his life. But, in the last chapter, everything transfigures in a differrent way. He encounters with his own reality; The "reality" that was hidden in his being for many years.
Bahador Oraee
Mahdi Zia-Chamani
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