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Sep 30 , 2011
Nasser Zamiri :"Best Short Film Director" on Fifteenth big celebration of Iran's cinema-2011

Organizers of the Iran Cinema Celebration have awarded filmmaker Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, actor Shahab Hosseini and actress Negar Javaherian in the short film section of the festival, which is annually held by the Iranian House of Cinema.

This section was organized with the help of the Iranian Short Film Association (ISFA).

Top filmmaker Bani-Etemad was awarded with the ISFA lifetime achievement award, while actor Shahab Hosseini and actress Negar Javaherian received diplomas of honor at the ceremony.

The award presentation ceremony took place at Tehran’s Eyvan-e Shams Theater on Wednesday.

Opening the ceremony, secretary of the celebration Kiumars Purahmad made a short speech where he mentioned that a good film will never be forgotten and an individual can make a good film, which will find its way into the hearts of millions.

Executive manager of the ceremony Majid Barzegar was next who said that the jury team of 61 members watched the submitted films for two weeks and selected the best for the competition section.

The jury selected “When the Child Was a Child” by producer Anahita Qazvinizadeh as the best film. The short film also received the best screenplay award.

The best director award was handed to Nasser Zamiri for “Bitter Milk”.

Organizers next called upon stage actor Majid Bahrami, who is suffering from blood cancer, the recipient of the award for best acting in the film “Less than a Few Minutes”.

Bahrami has been dispatched to Germany to receive further treatment but his letter was read on stage in which he expressed hope to return home soon. “If anyone asks about me, tell him he has gone to get acting lessons. Indeed, cancer has taught me about acting,” reads part of the letter.

Next, Javaherian was called on stage to receive her award where she expressed her satisfaction on being honored, “the movement of short films is always independent, alive and progressive.

“I am happy to be standing here on this stage where Bani-Etemad is next to be honored,” she added.

“I first believed in the director, next in his thoughts, then I decided to play in a short. If this is always the way it is, I will play in short films again and again,” Hosseini next said on stage.

The ceremony continued with screening a music video in honor of Bani-Etemad.

On receiving her ISFA Award, she said, “I am happy for all your efforts and I am happy to receive the award from (filmmakers) Jafar Panahi and Naser Taqvaii.

“I would become even happier if Panahi and I could make a film, and if the cinema policymakers would think about what they will say to the next generation when they ask why Taqvaii didn’t make any more films.”

Jafar Panahi was accused of holding gatherings, conspiracy and propagandizing against the Iranian ruling system after the Iranian presidential election in June 2009.

Consequently, he was sentenced to six years in prison, which is redeemable by paying a fine, and banned from traveling abroad. Panahi has appealed his conviction and is currently free on bail.

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