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Aug 16 , 2014
"With Others" A Film by Nasser Zamiri Selected into First Films World Competition Section of 38th "Montreal" World Film Festival



A RICH SELECTION FROM 74 COUNTRIES THE FUTURE OF CINEMA WITH 51 FIRST FEATURE FILMS 350 FEATURES AND SHORT FILMS 160 feature films (100 world or international premieres and 32 North American premieres)



NACHTHELLE / BRIGHT NIGHT / Florian Gottschick / Germany

It's supposed to be an idyllic weekend -- Anna and Stefan, Bernd and Marc, two couples spending a few days in the countryside. The expanding open-pit coal mining operation which will soon be swallowing the town, woods and meadows, brings them back to their hometown. The four protagonists are enjoying their visit to the moribund village... when an old debt about to be cashed in begins invading Anna's mind. Returning to their hometown seems to have a nefarious effect on her. Anna and Bernd are haunted by nightmares; realities begin to shift. As well, Stefan is attracted by the polyamorous relationship of the two other men -- a fact used by Marc to play mind games with Anna. She feels her well-structured life beginning to crumble...


AYA ARCOS / Maximilian Moll / Germany, Brazil

In the grey and rainy old quarters of Rio de Janeiro, successful author Edu falls in love with a young hustler, Fabio, despite his fear of attracting HIV. Fabio reciprocates, fascinated by the older man's talent and his independence from the rest of the world. Fabio is socially engaging and wants Edu to open up and they try to work on Edu's anxieties but he is stuck in his lonesome routines and worries. Two very different characters collide and start to understand and accept each other's way of life. All by himself Edu can't help but to take an HIV test which turns out positive. There is nowhere for him to turn, only to Fabio…


HIGH PERFORMANCE / Johanna Moder / Austria

Rudi and Daniel are very different brothers. Rudi wears a suit and Daniel rides a bike. Very different and not always amicable. All of a sudden they get the opportunity to help each other. While doing so, they become interested in the same woman, but for distinctively different reasons – as Nora soon discovers. What starts as a harmless quid-pro-quo situation with the prospect of two brothers growing closer again, soon becomes a struggle for values and love, threatening family cohesion and professional lives.


L'ANNÉE PROCHAINE / NEXT YEAR / Vania Leturcq / Belgium, France

This is the story of two childhood friends, Clotilde and Aude, 18, best friends since forever and who come from a small provincial village that they never left. The film begins when they are about to finish school and have to decide what they will do next year. Clotilde never felt comfortable in her village and has always wanted to leave while her friend Aude feels good: she has friends, a boyfriend, she has no real desire to leave or even a specific ambition. Clotilde decides to enroll them both in school in Paris so as to leave the village…


SCHIMBARE / Álex Sampayo / Spain

Luis and Elvira travel to Romania on orders from an Eastern European criminal organization. As they near their destination, they receive a call that requires them to change their route. They must stop in Budapest and pick up a consignment. Everything seems simple until they discover that what they are supposed to pick up is an 8-year-old girl. This is a lot more than they bargained for. They will have to make the hardest decision of their lives. Stick to the plan or release the girl…


TODOS ESTAN MUERTOS / THEY ARE ALL DEAD / Beatriz Sanchis / Spain, Mexico, Germany

If you saw Lupe, 35, in her bathrobe and slippers, you would never imagine that back in the '80s she was a pop star. She and her brother Diego made up the band Groenlandia, whose first album was a huge hit. But Lupe has turned her back on the life of touring and concerts. She is wholly dependent on her mother Paquita and has a teenage son, Pancho, who hates her. Luckily, her mother, Paquita, a superstitious woman with a heart of gold, is there to do the shopping, to deal with her frequent crises and do what matters most: be a mother to Pancho. But Paquita is running out of time…


LA VIE PURE / PURE LIFE / Jérémy Banster / France

In 1949, a French explorer journalist, Raymond Maufrais, former resistance fighter, embarked on a solitary expedition in the Amazon forest, on foot in the Guyanese jungle towards the previously unknown Tumuc Humac mountains. Maufrais arrives in Cayenne to fulfill his dream: to link French Guyana to Brazil, then follow the Jari river down to the city of Belem. This will be his last trip: no one will ever see Raymond Maufrais again. In 1950, an aboriginal man stumbles upon some diaries on the banks of the Tamouri river. In these diaries Maufrais relates his daily adventures and encounters with the native people of the river. After his disappearance, his father, Edgar Maufrais, sets out to search for him. He launches 18 expeditions over 12 years and covering 12.000 kms but never found him...


NOMADIC CHILDHOODS / Christophe Boula / France

In the middle of breathtaking landscapes in Central Asia, children fill a hostile world with their wishes and their dreams. They all share the same destiny: like their own people, they arrive at major crossroads in their lives -- confronted by love, danger and death. Three amazing destinies: Amraa, the Mongolian teenager, who leaves to the city to meet his lover; Apo, the Siberian baby, lost in the snow; and Lhamo, the Tibetan child, who wishes to live with her yak.


NEW TERRITORIES / Fabianny Deschamps / France, Tunisia

Eve, a Frenchwoman, checks into her hotel and puts on her suit; she is there for business, to introduce a new process for the cremation of the dead, “aquamation”, to the Chinese market… A poor Chinese textile worker from a small village, Li Yu is meticulously planning her escape, along with her fiancé and the dowry meant to pay for their wedding, which will now pay for their illegal border crossing. She is excited and nervous about her search for a new and better life. But each time she begins her own tale of travelling in trains and the backs of trucks, something stops her, something’s wrong…Two women from opposite worlds… two paths that meet at the crossroads of belief and reality.   


FEVER / Raphaël Neal / France

Damien and Pierre, two high school students from wealthy families decide to plan and carry out the murder of an unknown woman they have previously spotted on the street. The police are at a loss, confused by this murder without motive. Meanwhile, Zoé, an optician in the neighborhood, is feeling more and more moved by the event. When she encounters the teenage murderers she is overtaken by a growing and mysterious desire. Although scared -- she could have been the victim of Damien and Pierre -- Zoé is strangely attracted by the erotic power of the events…



Attila Szász’s political thriller chronicles how on August 16, 1958, two Hungarian immigrants in Switzerland broke into the Hungarian embassy in Bern and took the Hungarian ambassador hostage. As the Swiss police surround the building and a group of Hungarian immigrants show up on the street to demonstrate, a tense, twist-filled hostage drama plays out behind the closed doors of the embassy. The screenplay by Norbert Köbli is based on a true story about the aftermath of the 1956 Hungarian rebellion that was brutally suppressed by Soviet tanks.


BA DIGARAN / WITH OTHERS / Nasser Zamiri / Iran

Arezoo and Amir-Hossein are a young couple who would like to start a family, but they can't; Arezoo can't conceive a child. There is just one solution: a surrogate mother. Tahareh, Arezoo's close friend and colleague is willing to open a new horizon in the young couple's life, but Iranian society is not. This is a traditional society and surrogate motherhood is not acceptable. When Yaghoub, Tahareh's ex-husband, is temporarily released from prison, things become even more complicated.

THE LESSON / Andris Gauja / Latviam Russia

Zane is a devoted teacher mentoring the senior class in a Latvian high school. She tries to live her life in the most meaningful way possible. She takes her mission as a teacher seriously and works hard to help her students develop their talents. Even so, as for many younger teachers, it's hard for Zane to keep her distance from her class -- the students soon become a sort of family for her. When she realizes she's falling in love with one of them, she faces a stark choice between her personal happiness and the pressures of society.


LOS BAÑISTAS / OPEN CAGE / Max Zunino / Mexico

The economy has collapsed: there is a shortage of labour, of will, of resources. The impoverishment of society is both moral and economic ? everyone looks after their own little comforts and survival. In this universe we find Flavia, a spoiled teenager with artistic aspirations that are somewhat frustrated when she is not accepted at the university. Her neighbour Martin, a mature man with rigid routines, is her antipode. In the street, outside the building, there is a camp of protesters: people who have lost their livelihood. In this group, though human values still govern conduct, its members have a serious problem: they need a shower…


GONZÁLEZ / Christian Díaz Pardo / Mexico

Gonzalez is without a job and he has to lie to his mother, who asks for her monthly check from him on the phone. His financial dire straits lead him right into the arms of an unnamed church in Mexico City with the charismatic Brazilian televangelist Pastor Elias. Gonzalez is assigned to work in the institution’s call centre, where the standard advice to any sort of woes from the calling customers is simple: if you give money to God through the church, God will eventually give back...


LA HORA AZUL / THE BLUE HOUR / Evelyne  Pegot-Ogier / Peru

Adrian Ormache is a prosperous lawyer for whom wealth and success are the most important things. Until one day he discovers a secret from his father’s life. He was a marine officer, in charge of a barrack in Ayacucho, an area mostly controlled by the terrorists, during the years of civil unrest. During his command many people were tortured, raped, and murdered, people who were not always terrorists, and specially women. In one occasion, his father forgave the life of one of these women, and she became his lover, but she escaped from the headquarters as soon as she was able to. Apparently, his father was in love with her. When Adrian finds out about the existence of this mysterious woman, he sets out to look for her. She is the only witness of the atrocities committed by his father...


TALYN NAADAN / STEPPE GAMES / Bair Dyshenov / Russia

Three warriors, three horses, three songs and one steppe. Somewhere in the Great Steppes a young warrior dies of his wounds after a battle. After his death, the warrior's horse is taken on the road back to his home village, covering a great distance to bear the bad news. In the second story, Baatar, a Russian army recruit, returns home to the steppes, where he finds out that his girlfriend is getting married to another man. Baatar tries to talk to the girl, but her brothers prevent their meeting. The hero of the third story is Purbe, a veteran of the Chechen war who was a trooper and cannot find his place in the civilian world; he longs for his days in the army. The three stories are connected by three folk songs and the steppe where all of them take place.



Dinithi tries very hard to communicate with her husband, but he ignores her presence. Relentlessly. The more she tries to reach him, the more profound his silence becomes. Their 8-year-old daughter watches them despondently. Dinithi's parents try to get involved but they receive the same treatment from him. When she leaves the house, it is only with her daughter and to run errands... always with the same taxi that he has arranged. Dinithi is attractive to men and she knows it. So does her husband. One day, the husband is involved in a road accident in which a pedestrian is killed. His wife rushes to his side, hoping to be of help. Now he needs her more than ever...


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